We all have barriers that have prevented us from living our happiness, reaching our goals, and being our authentic selves. Finding your spectacular untapped potential is how we grow to live gratifying, rewarding, and magnificent lives. I will guide you to find your place of peace and satisfaction and work with you to overcome these barriers.

Coaching is for people at all stages of life, love, and success.

Divorced, heartbroken and trying to figure out what next? Well, this how I got started and built my coaching business. Let’s talk to see how we can work to get you to fall in love with yourself, mend the broken heart, and build an even better life than the one you’ve left behind.

Trying to navigate dating apps? Well, I’ve been there, done that AND found love. We can work on your profiles and learn about the culture of online dating.

Trying to find “The One”? I’ve got you covered.

Are you a couple that wants just a little boost in your relationship? Perfect! That’s actually how I got started coaching!


Contact me below so we can set up a free 10-minute call to discuss your goals and see what kind of beautiful damage we can do together. Coaching/consultations are done through Skype in an effort to make connecting more convenient and to extend our reach!